CrazyRussianHacker Is My New Favorite YouTube Star [VIDEO]



Yes, Tony Kulakov considers himself Russian AND a hacker, but instead of breaking into your computer and rigging elections, he give us helpful “life hacks” and scientific experiments with his motto: “Safety is number one priority.” This week, he investigates the world of Hot Dog gadgets.

I would honestly fast forward to 4:45 in this video to see the new way we should all be eating hot dogs.

From Wikipedia:

Tony Kulakov was born in the Ukrainian SSR (now Ukraine). His mother was Russian, and his father was Ukrainian. He has been a swimmer since 1996 and joined the Ukrainian Olympic team as a professional swimmer. In 2006, with his family he moved to Asheville, North Carolina, where he worked at Walmart until 2012 while developing his early YouTube channels. He Currently lives in Waynesville, North Carolina. As of 2018, he has over 10 million subscribers and has released more than 1000 videos.

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OH, and I found only one place to buy that bun drill. They call it a Hotdogger, and it is $9.99 on Etsy. Click HERE for that link.

Susan Saunders 8/9/19

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