Do You Have A Work Spouse?


Do You Have A Work Spouse?  Maybe you should!

Wikipedia defines a “Work spouse” as: referring to a co-worker, usually of the opposite sex, with whom one shares a special relationship, having bonds similar to those of a marriage. A work spouse may not just be a co-worker, but can also be someone in a similar field who the individual works closely with from a partnering company. A “work spouse” is also referred to as “workplace spouse”, “work wife”, or “office husband”, “work husband”, or “wusband”.

John Davies (cute guy in the photo above) and I have been joking on the air about being newly matched work spouses, and do we need a prenup? (YES!, NO snakes, real or fake, in the studio)!!! But honestly, I have had more than 5 long term radio co-hosts, and only two of them came even close to being a work spouse. One did, as I used to sometimes buy him socks, push him towards seeing the doctor, and I always brought him dinner leftovers. Was I more like a “Work Mom”? Maybe.

CNN published a survey from questioning your work spouse relationship.

Seven clear signs you might have a work spouse:

1. You depend on a particular co-worker for office supplies, snacks and aspirin.

2. There are inside jokes that you and a specific co-worker share.

3. You can be bluntly honest with this person about his or her appearance, hygiene or hair (and vice versa). You’re comfortable enough to point out that the other’s hair is sticking up — or that someone’s fly is down.

4. When something eventful happens at work, this co-worker is the first person you seek out for a de-briefing.

5. At breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks, your closest co-worker knows what to order for you and how you like your coffee (and vice versa).

6. You and your co-worker can finish each other’s sentences.

7. Someone in your office knows almost as much about your personal life as your best friend or real-life spouse does.

The CNN article goes on to cover the inevitable cons of having too close of a relationship at work, breaking up your marriage, having an affair, ignoring your life partner when they ask about your job. Blah blah, I get it, blah. Only the fine folks at DNews on Seeker, have chosen to promote the idea as a positive one worth achieving.
Having a work spouse apparently increased your productivity.

If you want to read more on the positive aspects of a 9-5 marriage, click HERE for the original written piece from Renuka Rayasam at the BBC.

For now, John and I are still in the “getting to know you” stage of our relationship, but if it gets to the point where we need to make our vows public, trust me, you will be invited to the party.

Susan Saunders 10-3-18

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