Jason Momoa Shaved Off His Beard And People Are Freaking Out Over It [VIDEO]

Jason Momoa Beard
Source: YouTube

Jason Momoa, from Game of Thrones & Aquaman, has been known for his long locks, muscular physique, and signature beard for a very long time, and he just took a major turn in his appearance when, for the first time in seven years, he SHAVED HIS BEARD to reveal a bare face (and perfectly chiseled jawline.)


Fans are freaking out!

Jason wants to see a major chance in the health of our planet, and to get his point across he made a major change in his own appearance.  Jason Momoa wants to see a major change in the health of our planet. And to get the point across, he’s making a major change to his own appearance.

He has a new line of canned water he is helping launch in hopes to bring awareness to how plastics are killing our planet, and aluminum is 100 percent recyclable, hence his mission to get aluminum water made.

While the message is very informative, many fans are still focused on the beard shaving, and can’t believe he would shave his iconic facial hair.

Don’t worry ladies, his long flowy locks will remain, I’m pretty sure his wife Lisa Bonet would kill him if he cut his hair.