Meatless Impossible Whoppers Coming Out Nationwide


Burger King becomes the latest restaurant to give customers a plant-based option instead of meat.

The fast-food chain announced on Monday that the Impossible Whopper will be on menus across the country by the end of the year.

The meatless burger is made from wheat and potato proteins, created by Impossible Foods in Redwood California.

Burger King tested the sandwich for a month in St. Louis. They found that the Impossible Burger had “encouraging results” while not affecting sales of the original Whopper. What did customers think?


The announcement comes a few short weeks after the fast-food chain dipped its toes into the veggie burger waters. On April 1, Burger King started offering its Impossible Burger at St. Louis locations, and those tests, a spokesperson for its parent company tells CNN, “went exceedingly well.” Burger King is using the Impossible Burger 2.0, which New York critic Adam Platt found himself a big fan of when he tried it as served by Umami Burger. Burger King’s customers seem to be, too, and the company tells CNN it will start bringing the Impossible Whopper to new markets “in the very near future.” For Impossible Foods, this is no doubt a big deal, considering the reach of Burger King, even given the systemic issues with the fast-food industry.


Susan Saunders 4/29/19

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