Your Next Veggie Pizza Could Look Like This

The plant-based burger maker Impossible Foods has just debuted meatless pizza sausage at Little Caesars.

The meatless sausage crumbles start testing today in select markets across the country for $12 a pie. The Impossible Supreme Pizza will also have toppings of mushrooms, green peppers, and caramelized onions.  If the tests go well in the trial markets, look for the Impossible Pizza to be in Little Caesars stores nationwide.

Just last month, I was writing about the big announcement of Impossible Burgers coming out nationwide to Burger King. Some even thought it was an April Fools prank. (On April 29th????) But now, a lot of other fast good companies are getting excited about bringing more vegetarian/vegan customers into their stores.

I haven’t personally tried products from Beyond Meat or Impossible Food’s yet, but the reviews from not just vegetarians, but hard core carnivores is impressive.

From YouTube channel SO YOU’RE DATING A VEGAN covered many of my questions about how this works in a burger with their video: “The Impossible Burger: Reviewed by a Vegan and a Meat Eater”

I never realized how much we like/expect the blood in our meat!


Impossible Foods’ rising empire of almost-meat

Leading the wave are two companies. One is Beyond Meat. Founded in 2009, it makes burgers and sausage links from pea, rice and fava protein. It’s in Carl’s Jr — the chain once known for its leering Super Bowl ads — as well as Whole Foods. The company went public this month, its share price shooting up 163 percent on its first day for a current valuation of around $5 billion, the biggest IPO of the year so far.

Impossible wants 2019 to be its breakout year. It is about to launch a new sausage product, the first expansion beyond ground beef. The company landed in Singapore this March, following its Hong Kong and Macau releases last year. It aims to be in both grocery stores and Burger King locations nationwide by December (beyond St Louis, the burger is currently available in Miami; Columbus, Georgia; and Montgomery, Alabama). And the company just announced a new $300 million funding round, putting its total capital raised at $750 million for, according to Reuters sources, a valuation of $2 billion.

Can’t wait to try these new plant based meat like foods?
DP Dough in Normal has an “Impossiburg” calzone you can try, while in Bloomington at Reality Bites, you can try the “Impossibility Burger”. both made with help  from Impossible Foods. Beyond Meat is available at some local grocery stores in burger shaped meat patties, and taco meat crumbles. Sorry I can’t be more specific, as apparently they sell out quick.

Susan Saunders 5/20/19

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