Sign Up For BNQ Benefits And Win Stuff!

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There’s all sorts of stuff. Like gift cards, MONEY, trips… All sorts of prizes. AND it’s completely free!


How do you sign up?? It’s easy… Here are a few steps to start winning!



Step 1: Grab a computer!




Step 2: Head on over to your favorite website in the whole world.


Oh great you’re already here! See that VIP button in the upper right hand corner?

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That’s the one. Click it!

Then click this!

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Then make use of your ears and listen for Buzzwords at 7:00, 10:00, 1:00, and 4:00 and enter them in under GET POINTS to start using those points to win stuff!

Also, don’t forget to check our Facebook page at to see the Facebook Buzzword (fbbw) for even more points!

There’s lots of ways to earn points and spend them! It’s happening right now at BNQ Benefits!