Bridgestone WBNQ Classroom of the Month

Bridgestone Classroom of Month

Supporting our Communities, One Classroom at a Time

About the Award

Bridgestone and WBNQ are committed to the quality of education offered to area students. To assist in the offering of a quality education a Bridgestone WBNQ Classroom of the Month award in an amount, equal to or less than $500, has been created to assist teachers in funding those needs that are harder to fund in a time of tighter budgets. Awards can be used for the purchase of educational items, including but not limited to, books, software, supplies, equipment or materials for special projects.

Review Process

Applications are reviewed and awarded once monthly. Applications are reviewed by an independent committee consisting of Bridgestone and WBNQ employees. Applications are reviewed without knowledge of the teacher’s name or the school’s name. The Committee Chair will refrain from voting.  Teachers will be contacted by the Committee Chair if additional information or clarification is needed. Teachers are encouraged to provide as much detail as possible for the committee to review. This might include pictures, estimates and details about how the award will enrich the learning experience for the students.


Classrooms within the regular McLean County are eligible to apply for the award. Applications are kept on file for six months. Grades K-12 are eligible to receive awards. Award applications received before the 15th of the month will be reviewed by the Committee on the third Thursday of the month received.  Applications submitted after the 15th of the month will be reviewed at the following month’s meeting. Classrooms are eligible to receive a grant once every 12 calendar months. Eligible teachers are able to submit a maximum of two applications every 12 calendar months. Submit application below.

School Approval

Applications must have the approval of the principal at the teacher’s home school before they will be reviewed. Incomplete applications will be returned to the teacher with a request to obtain appropriate approval and/or additional information or clarification.

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