Underwear That You Wear But Don’t Wash For Days Is Now A Thing [VIDEO]


Before you dismiss the idea, learn more about the material that is so advanced, it just might save the planet.

You can now get underwear and t-shirts that don’t need washing for a few weeks. Danish fashion brand Organic Basics has been working underwear that is “durable, comfortable and odor-killing,” so users can go a long length of time without needing to change it.

Organic Basics even worked with NASA to develop this high tech stuff. Organic Basics’ SilverTech 2.0 collection is filled with a secret formula that allegedly kills 99.9% of all bacteria and gets rid of unwanted odors. The anti-microbial silver used in the underwear is the same material used by NASA to purify the water in the International Space Station.

The main reason given for people to walk around wearing the same underwear for weeks is for environmental reasons. Think about the amount of water we could save on this planet if cut down our laundry loads in half! I’m not ready as a woman to wear these, but I could see the hubster in these t-shirts and drawers. I’ll report back with his review once they arrive. So far, it is a Kickstarter purchase you can find HERE


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