Illinois State Police Going Undercover To Catch Left Lane Drivers

Image Source: Pexels Lifeofpics Drivers

In the new year, we will see new laws passed, including some traffic laws that will keep those pesky left lane drivers out of your way!

You know the ones, you are on the highway, trying to pass, yet you get stuck behind someone driving too slow in the left lane and they won’t get over? Well, now they could be fined up to $120 if they are caught!

Under the rules of the road, the left lane is only for passing or for moving over for an emergency vehicle.

So in 2019, officers will use “covert vehicles” to catch violators who are staying in the left lane for longer periods of time, and drivers who are traveling below the speed limit in the left lane can be fined up to $120.

Illinois State Police have begun using the hashtag #LeftLaneLollygaggersBeware on Facebook to remind motorists about the law.