Try ‘Cincinnati Chili Dip’ for National Chili Day

@RadioDavies here!
I’m not gonna lie, I can get pretty home sick from time to time. Friends, Family, & Food are three of the biggest sources of joy in my life. What I’m about to share with you brings all of those things together. One thing everyone in Cincinnati can agree on, our chili. Cincinnati Chili.

Everyone has brand loyalty. Skyline, Gold Star, or on the KY side of things, Dixie Chili. (get the waffle fries) These are all amazing options and the pride “war” is half the fun!

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Better with cheddar

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So with #NationalChiliDay officially here, I figured I’d spread some hometown love in the way of #SkylineChili Dip thanks to #Kroger.

Step 1) Assemble ingredients.

Everything you see cost me about $17 at Kroger, including the dish and can opener. The serving size for one 10.5oz of skyline should serve 4-6 party guests…or one hungry John Davies that doesn’t want to share because he hasn’t had Skyline since October. #Hangry

Step 2) Spread Cream Cheese in dish (Don’t use a plastic spoon)

For our serving size the “standard can” of cream cheese works great. Want to try low fat? A flavored cream cheese!? Watch out! Somone’s gettin’ wild!
Pretty straight forward today folks. The way all good food should be.

…side note: yes, I made this at my desk today. RIP to the two plastic spoons injured in the making of this dip.

Step 3) Open Can & Pour Chili

1-I tastes better than it looks.
2-As I said, not rocket science.

Step 4) NUKE IT

Typically I’d day cook this in your oven at 350 degrees for about 10-12 minutes WITH the cheddar.
But since this is the #OfficeChef version, I nuke’d this bad boy for 3 minutes then…


I then nuke’d this for an addition 90 seconds to make sure the cheese melts nicely.

When “properly” cooking within an over, 10-12 minutes @ 350, or until the cheese is bubbling is ideal.

Step 6) Eat up!
Dear Cincinnati,
I miss you.
-Dohn Javies