No More Smoking Or Vaping At Disney


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Not only are the Disney folks banning smoking, but also certain strollers and all wagons.

Disney is trying to reduce congestion and over crowded areas by restricting stroller sizes to no larger than 31″ wide by 54″ long, a decrease of 5 inches in width.
The new rules also ban the use of accessories that are attached to strollers or electronic conveyance vehicles (ECVs), such as stroller, glider boards, or trailers.

Disney promises to begin enforcing an existing ban on all wagons inside the theme parks, including traditional pull wagons like the Radio Flyer and Step2, as well as collapsible stroller wagons like the popular Keenz 7S and Veer Cruiser. May 1st is going to be a big day of change.

Starting May 1, Disney will ban smoking at its theme parks and will include e-cigs and marijuana for Disneyland patrons. 

The ban in California includes not only Disneyland and Disney California Adventure, but also the Main Entry Plaza between the two parks as well as the Downtown Disney shopping district. Disney will close the smoking areas currently designated inside the theme parks and remove trash cans from Downtown Disney.

At Walt Disney World, all four theme parks will become smoke-free, with smoking areas designated outside the security checkpoints of each park. The restriction extends to Disney’s water parks, miniature golf courses, golf courses and the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex effective May 1.


Smoking has been prohibited inside Walt Disney World resort hotel rooms since 2007. Smoking is still allowed in designated outdoor smoking areas at each hotel.

And for strollers, they offer parents some good news:

In a move that will satisfy many Disneyland visitors, the California resort plans to introduce a new tandem double stroller by May 1, and make additional upgrades to its rental stroller fleet in the coming months. Disneyland has not previously offered a double stroller for rental, which meant that parents of multiple young children had to either rent multiple single strollers or bring their own double strollers from home.

I had never seen one of the soon to be banned Keen strollers, so I decided to take a peek. This thing actually looks awesome! But again, it is REALLY BANNED after May 1st.

Susan Saunders 3/28/19

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