New BATWOMAN Trailer Is Here


The first trailer for the CW’s version of “Batwoman” starring Ruby Rose has been released.

In the sneak peek, you see Ruby suited up and fighting the bad guys plus the series will delve into her lesbian history and is being called “groundbreaking” by LGBTQ issues writer Trish Bendix.


“The trailer looks to give Kate Kane her own narrative of romance and revenge, one so many heteros have been afforded (mostly men) time and time again,” Bendix told NBC News in an email. “Seeing Batwoman in action as a convincingly queer hero is groundbreaking and I’m psyched for the show.”

The CW announced that Batwoman will air on Sundays at 8 p.m., teaming up the slot with Supergirl. The network official synopsis for the new series says it takes place three years after Batman’s mysterious disappearance, with Bruce Wayne leaving behind a fabulous looking batsuit.

This could be my chance to do an amazing Halloween costume this year!


Susan Saunders 5/17/19

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