Holy Abs! Lenny Kravitz Strips Down For Shirtless Photo Shoot at 55

Lenny Kravitz
Source: Lenny Kravitz Instagram

Happy Birthday to Lenny Kravitz! Or is it Happy Birthday to me? With his latest photo on Instagram, you decide…

Lenny could be the newest Calvin Klein model (move over Shawn Mendes), and he’s just shy of 55. Yesterday, he gained a billion social media followers with one little post of his rock hard abs (that you could probably wash laundry on.)

The 54-year-old stripped down to his jeans and exposed his prominent six-pack (or is that 12? I lost count.) Nearly 2.6 million IG followers pulled a John Stamos and said “Have Mercy!” over his ripped body.

And the thing is, he’s not even 55 yet…his birthday is in a few days.

What does he do for that body? I bet he drinks wheatgrass or something.


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Day off. Photo shoot. #Blackandwhitephotography

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