Swim Pants Are My Answer To Swimsuit Insecurity

Have you ever said “NO” to a pool party because you didn’t want to be in a swimsuit in public? Or do you not go to the pool without 24 hours notice so you can handle all your shaving/waxing needs? Here is my secret to a pool loving life.


Call them leggings, call them tights, or capris, some are in the style of bicycle shorts, but please don’t call them yoga pants, because they aren’t!


So far I have only found them online in specialty suit retailers like SwimOutlet.com and SwimsuitsForAll.com

I work out in the water at the gym and these have been my savior for not only my pride, but these chlorine resistant bottoms are actually very convenient for the wanna be water athlete.  Don’t get me started on the money saved on SPF during vacations and outdoor pool visits. Your legs are a lot of square footage to protect, and if you enjoy snorkeling in the ocean, you don’t  want your bottom side to get sunburnt, so you should wear…..


Modesty, sand/coral/ rash protection, sun protection, I can’t recommend these enough, because it’s so much easier to wear them as part of two piece tankini set for restroom visits and more. Why am I making such a point about them today? Caller on the show today said her gut punch this morning was the following statement online….

“Your kids don’t care how you look in a swimsuit, they just care that you get into the water to play.”

Hope to see you in the water soon!

Susan Saunders 6/11/19