Finding Bob Ross Paintings And Other Paint Facts


Summertime is when many of us try out a new hobby. I’ve been knitting, because I cannot paint “HAPPY TREES” for the life of me.

Just this week, the King of TV painting and YouTube Icon-Bob Ross was featured in a New York Times online investigation of his paintings and where they are now. It is a fascinating story that you only need 10 minutes to enjoy.

Shortly after watching this story, and also a couple episodes from the BOB ROSS YouTube Channel (I used to him watch on PBS), I started to feel that itch that sends you to a craft store to get some brushes and a new glue gun. Then I remembered I made that trip last year, and it was not only expensive, nothing I made was worthy of a wall. Seriously, I stink at painting.

Stumbled across why that failed paint set was so pricey though. Check out #37 on the trending list this week from BUSINESS INSIDER.


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