See SPIRIT- Beyonce’s Big Addition To THE LION KING [VIDEO]


Beyoncé – SPIRIT from Disney’s The Lion King (Official Video) is out!!!!


In the new video for the song “Spirit,” which appears in the reboot of the The Lion King, its soundtrack and on Beyoncé’s executive produced and curated The Lion King: the Gift, clips from the movie are interspersed with beautiful shots in vibrant locales, including by waterfalls and in bodies of water, flanked by mountains and in night and daytime settings. It features Beyoncé and a cast of dancers in a variety of settings dancing and striking poses in colorful costumes. Her daughter Blue Ivy also makes a cameo. The song about resilience opens with resonant call-and-response voices and features piano and orchestral touches with gospel-tipped choruses. “Rise up to the light in the sky, yeah,” Beyoncé sings. “Watch the light lift your heart up/Burn your flame through the night.”

The Lion King: The Gift (which is the movie soundtrack that Beyoncé’s executive produced and curatedwill be released this Friday, the same day The Lion King remake premieres in theaters.

Susan Saunders 7/17/19

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