First Burgers Now Plant Based Bacon

Are you ready for bacon that doesn’t come from pigs?

Beyond Meat is a $5.7 billion dollar meat-alternative company, and on Wednesday they announced they were creating a plant-based alternative to bacon.

They have also teamed up with Tim Horton’s to serve meatless breakfast sandwiches at nearly 4,000 locations.


Beyond Meat also said Wednesday that it would be bringing its plant-based meats to Dunkin’ breakfast sandwiches. Dunkin’ locations in Manhattan have begun serving Beyond Sausage Breakfast Sandwich — the first restaurant chain in the U.S. to do so, according to Beyond Meat.

Beyond Meat Inc.’s CEO Ethan Brown said the bacon is improving as it goes through development.In the first quarter of its IPO, Beyond Meat took in $40.2 million and its stock price surged 18% in June to more than $100 a share at the time. At last check Wednesday evening, the stock price was more than $200 a share.

Alternative meat companies hope to replicate the success of the non-dairy milk industry, which has grown to about 13% of the milk market. Beyond Meat has said in its filings that the vegan meat market can similarly grow to about $35 billion of the $250 billion domestic meat industry.

Back in May I grilled two of the Beyond Meat patties at home, and brought them in for an on air taste test. Enjoy that video right here!

No launch date for the bacon yet.

Susan Saunders 7/25/19

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