Would You Switch To A 4 Day Work Week If Possible?

In a tweet posted Monday, Andrew Yang wrote that the U.S. should “seriously consider 4-day work weeks.”

Former Democratic presidential hopeful and entrepreneur Andrew Yang is saying something some of us have been saying for years: “3-day weekends are better than 2-day weekends.”

Yang added “Studies show that we would be just as productive.  It would create jobs at the margins and increase mental health.”

Yang’s message on Twitter was accompanies by a link to a report by The Washington Post, which highlighted studies indicating workers perform more productively in a 4-day workweek setting and report higher satisfaction in the workplace.

An experiment by Microsoft’s Japan subsidiary tried out a 4-day work week and saw a 40% increase in productivity. And Andrew Barnes, the founder of the New Zealand company Perpetual Garden, transitioned his company to a 4-day work week after finding that it benefited both employees and the company. New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has also been floating the idea of trying to have the country make the switch.

Why now is this gaining traction? Because the same corporations and businesses that said we couldn’t effectively ask the majority of workers to work from home are now seeing new work model ideas as possible and productivity increases equal higher profits.


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