Top Foods People Have Made While Staying At Home

Have you discovered your chef side? Now know you are NOT a good baker?

Cookies were first in my house, then I learned that making a dutch baby pancake with lemon zest is only hard if you don’t have powdered sugar and lemons in the house. My mom, an already excellent bread maker, tried out making bread in a crock pot. See the included photos of her efforts, which she says were pretty good after browning the outer crust in the oven.

Everybody has an article about how to try out your new or rusty at home cooking skills. I like this one from the NEW YORK TIMES, with links to easy to understand instructions on making soup, roasting a chicken, stocking your pantry when shopping and more.

How many on this list can you check off after over two months of staying in?

Here is a recent survey of adults ranking the foods they’ve been creating during the COVID-19 lockdown. How many of these have you made, or at least tried to make?

1. Pancakes
2. Cookies
3. Chocolate cake
4. Cupcakes
5. Scones
6. Biscuits
7. Banana bread
8. Brownies
9. Victoria sponge
10. A crumble e.g. rhubarb crumble
11. Pizza base
12. White bread
13. Flapjack
14. Sausage rolls
15. A pie e.g. apple pie
16. Cheesecake
17. Lemon drizzle cake
18. Wholemeal bread
19. Shortbread
20. Carrot cake
21. Fruit loaf
22. Bread and butter pudding
23. Coffee cake
24. Doughnuts
25. Crumpets
26. Millionaires shortbread
27. Cinnamon buns
28. Hot cross buns
29. Sourdough bread
30. Meringue
31. Croissants
32. Sticky toffee pudding
33. Fudge
34. Bakewell tart
35. Lemon meringue pie
36. Rainbow cake
37. Iced buns
38. Red velvet cake
39. Banoffee pie
40. Custard tart
41. Breadsticks
42. Marble cake
43. Macaroons
44. Drip cake
45. Blondies
46. Eclairs
47. Profiteroles
48. Souffle
49. Bundt cake
50. Pretzels

This is a great list of suggestions for future adventures in the kitchen. Rhubarb is available fresh in stores, and is number 10 on this list, but soon to be number one on mine.

Lots of time to cook next week while I’m off, but I’ll be back for birthday parades with the WBNQ van and more June 8th. Stay safe and I hope to see you soon!


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