Restaurants Are The Hardest Hit Businesses By The Shutdown

Restaurants Are Shutting Down at a Huge Rate

The coronavirus pandemic caused many restaurants to have to close over safety concerns, and now new research shows that restaurants across the country are having to shut down at a surprisingly high rate.

According to the report, which was done by Yelp, 23,891 restaurants that were listed on Yelp had to close in some type of way since March 1, and 53 percent of those establishments have had to close for good.

The report also showed that restaurants were the hardest business hit by the shutdown.

As many states begin to reopen restaurants are devising ways to keep the business flowing such as drive-up services, delivery, and more.

One of the ways I keep tabs on local restaurants who are adapting to the new normal is the Facebook Group “Blo-No Curbside Restaurants”but you should also follow all things local food gossip with the help of Larry Carius’s “Bloomington Normal Restaurant Scene“.

Give love to your favorite place to keep them with us!

Susan Saunders 6/30/20

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