Own A Pool? Want To Make Some $$$?!

With a recent heatwave and coronavirus closing public pools, some Californians are flexing their entrepreneurial muscles.

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This is why we do what we do! ❤️ Thank you all for supporting Swimply and leaving awesome reviews like this one! ​. ​ "Swimply saved our 2020 quarantine summer! My family, like most, look forward to vacations and the pool during the summer. However, the COVID-19 pandemic quickly put our usual plans to a halt. Even as phased reopening began, my family needed to continue to quarantine since I'm pregnant and we have a toddler. This is when we discovered Swimply! This app allowed us to find affordable private pools in our area to rent. The app allows us to quickly connect and communicate with friendly owners, reserve our time at the pool, and seamlessly pay for the experience. It's easy to use and definitely worth it! We've already booked pools four times this summer and plan on booking more this and future summers!" – Kelcei Bre'anne Jones  ​. ​. ​. ​#swimply #escapelocally #fivestar #reviews #happy #customers #savedsummer #love #staycay #funinthesun #pooldays #sunny #joy

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A start-up company called Swimply lets people who own pools rent them out by the hour.One couple in Los Angeles has made nearly $7000 by allowing strangers to come to their home to use the swimming pool.  As of Sunday, 165 pools were listed. Some were described as “kid-friendly” and others were “resort-like.” The running rental rates were from $30 to $75 dollars an hour.