National Toy Hall Of Fame Announces 2020 Finalists

Here are the 12 finalists which could be placed into the National Toy Hall Of Fame this year

Three of these finalists will be inducted into the hall Nov. 5, which is located inside the Strong museum in Rochester, New York.

  • Baby Nancy: Introduced by Shindana Toys, a company dedicated to making toys that reflect Black pride.
  • Bingo: a staple of fundraisers for churches and charities that descended from a lottery game first played in Italy around 1530.
  • Breyer Horses: collectibles produced by the Breyer Molding Co. for the past 70 years.
  • Jenga: the stacking game created by Englishwoman Leslie Scott based on wooden blocks from her childhood in Africa. The name has Swahili roots.
  • Lite-Brite: colorful plastic pegs are backlit when placed in a black background.
  • Masters of the Universe: a Mattel-produced line of action figures led by He-Man and She-Ra.
  • My Little Pony: pastel mini-horses introduced in the 1980s and reintroduced in 2003.
  • Risk: the war and strategy board game first published in the United States in 1959.
  • Sidewalk chalk: the medium of masterpieces, as well as generations of driveway hopscotch games.
  • Sorry: the board game that relies on cards, rather than dice, to move players’ pawns from start to home.
  • Tamagotchi: the palm-size digital pets considered a fad by some but credited with helping to shape the electronics toy market in the 1990s and early 2000s.
  • Yahtzee: the dice game that maker Hasbro estimates is played by 100 million people on a regular basis.

These toys met the criteria of being iconic, foster creativity and encourage learning.


A national selection committee casts ballots for the winners. Members of the public, who submit nominations all year, can also weigh in on the final selection through an online “Player’s Choice” ballot from Sept. 9-16.

Susan Saunders 9/10/20

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