Walmart Is Testing Drone Delivery Right Now

Only one state in the US is currently seeing packages in the sky from WALMART. Right now it is only being tested in North Carolina, but the plan is to have this service up and running near the company headquarters in Arkansas in early 2021.

It will be awhile before you have a drone delivering your groceries, Walmart said they are learning a lot and working hard to develop the program. The test is focusing on household essential items and certain grocery products that could come to your house in less than 60 minutes.


Only medical and health and wellness products from Walmart will be part of the pilot program and it’ll only be in Northwest Arkansas in early 2021. The drones will cover a 50-mile radius around Walmart headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas.

They can haul up to four pounds of cargo and fly up to 80 mph.

Items ordered online or through the Walmart app are placed into a Zipline delivery box which attaches to the drone. The products, whether headache medicine or disinfecting wipes, come from a nearby Walmart store. The order then flies a preprogrammed route to the customer’s door where the box parachutes down. The drone returns back to a hub or base.

The war is on between WALMART and AMAZON for subscribers and delivery service. Amazon got FAA approval last month for their PRIME AIR drone delivery service, but they hope to achieve deliveries in less than 30 minutes. As a fan of THE HUNGER GAMES movies, I will be waiting on the ground for my parachutes when this first happens, pretending I have sponsors sending me a tribute. Hoping for spile!

Susan Saunders 9/14/20

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