The Passion Of The Christ Movie Is Getting A Sequel

The follow up is called “The Passion Of The Christ: Resurrection”

Jim Caviezel, the star of The Passion Of The Christ, has confirmed that a sequel to the faith-based mega-hit is in the works!

Caviezel told Breitbart in a new interview, that he recently received the third draft of the script from Mel Gibson.

The first movie, released in 2004, was done on a $30 million budget directly from director Mel Gibson’s own pocket, pulled in more than $600 million worldwide.

“Passion” followed Jesus’ life through to his crucifixion. The new film, the actor said, would depict his biblical resurrection and the events that followed.

Caviezel, a devout Catholic,  also said, It’s going to be the biggest film in world history.

Do you agree?

Susan Saunders 9/22/20

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