New App Lets Friends Buy Drinks From Home

If you’ve ever wanted to buy a drink from home for your friend there’s an app for that

Two friends named Ryan Perri and Nick Mingone have come up with an app called BruYou that allows friends to buy a drink for their friends from the comfort of their home.

Ryan and Nick came up with the app while sitting at the bar before COVID changed the way people interact at bars.

Now they’ve launched the app in 10 bars in the middle of the pandemic, including Kildare’s Irish Pub in West Chester, Pennsylvania.


“It was always intended as a way for people to share drinks with each other through their phone, but since the pandemic, people can’t be together, people can’t go to bars,” said Mingone.

“If you couldn’t make a birthday, couldn’t make a promotion, or a graduation, the idea here is you could enjoy a drink with them without being there in person,” said Perri.

It also adds an automatic tip for the bartender.

So now if you feel wary about going out to the bar with friends for a birthday party, or you can’t make it to the celebration of a co workers promotion, send them a drink remotely! Talk your favorite watering hole about adding BRUYOU in the future.

Susan Saunders 1/19/21

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