Study Finds Eating Chocolate in the Morning Can Burn Fat

Chocolate Bar
Photo/Pixabay Free Use Chocolate Bar

Turns out mom may have been wrong about one very important thing…it is ok to eat candy in the morning. Specifically chocolate for breakfast.

This may actually turn me into a breakfast eater.

A new study says that eating 100 milligrams of chocolate within one hour of waking up helps burn fat and actually reduces blood glucose levels.

And it’s not just a morning thing, eating it a half hour before going to sleep can actually help you sleep better and doze off faster.

And sorry guys, looks like the study was only done on women so far, so you’ll have to find another excuse to eat chocolate for breakfast.

They say with these results, they do plan on repeating the study to see if the results will be the same for men and children, but you can decide whether or not you mention those results to your kids.

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