Are Olympic Village Beds Designed To Stop Sex Between Athletes?

If you know anything about the Olympic Village, you know it’s a hotbed for s-e-x.

United States Women’s Soccer goalkeeper Hope Solo came right out and said it in 2012: “There’s a lot of sex going on… I’d say it’s 70 percent to 75 percent of Olympians.”

Some think Tokyo is encouraging athletes from getting busy this year by using cardboard beds. The beds are specifically designed to be environmentally friendly and designed to only hold one person. If two Olympians decide to hop in the sack, the bed will collapse.

But, Irish Gymnast Rhys McClenaghan just debunked the cardboard bed myth. Yes, the beds are made of cardboard, but Rhys hops on one of the beds on TWITTER to show their durability.


Looks the story of the beds being “anti-sex” is what Rhys calls “fake news.”

Susan Saunders 7/19/21

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