FYI There Is BIG Ground Turkey Recall

Don’t Eat Ground Turkey Until You Read This

  • While ground turkey is generally considered a healthier alternative to ground beef, the United States Department of Agriculture says there’s at least 14,000 pounds of it that isn’t.
  • The USDA has issued a recall for 14,000 pounds of Butterball ground turkey after a number of consumers reported finding tiny pieces of plastic in it. The affected products include 2.5-pound trays of “All-Natural Ground Turkey,” with a sell-by date of October 18th; and 3-pound trays of “Kroger Ground Turkey” with a sell-by date of October 17th, according to the USDA. Both products have been shipped to stores all over the country, the agency says.
  • If you’re not sure if you’ve purchased a potentially-infected product, you can call the Butterball Consumer Hotline at 800-288-8372. 

Susan Saunders 10/15/21

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