Today Could Be Freedom Day For Britney Spears

Britney’s Freedom Day? Judge To Decide Whether To End Spears’ Conservatorship Friday

youtube via Entertainment Tonight
  • Today Britney Spears fate will be decided in court as a judge will rule whether or not her conservatorship will come to an end. 
  • Britney is expected to be in court and it will be the first hearing since Judge Linda Penny suspended Britney’s father, Jamie, from the conservatorship and appointed a certified public accountant as a temporary manager of the star’s finances. 
  • Earlier this week Britney was said to be “really anxious” but was remaining “positive” about the upcoming court date. 
  • Below is a link to tune in live to the event with the link below! ETA is 3:30PM CST

Susan Saunders 11/12/21

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