‘Buy Me Some Peanuts And Cracker JILLS’: Cracker Jack Gets a New Look

Cracker Jill (Photo/YouTube)

It might be opening day, but it seems that one of baseball’s favorite snacks is getting a new look, and a new face!

One of baseball’s most iconic snacks – Cracker Jack – is adding a new player to its lineup.

Frito-Lay (Cracker Jack’s parent company) announced on Tuesday that “Cracker Jill” will be the brand’s newest face on packaging.

The move is an effort to promote women in sports. 

Cracker Jill will come to life through five different special-edition bags at Major League ballparks across the country this summer.

A statement from Frito-Lay said it was time to celebrate girls and women who are “breaking the mold” and deserve to be represented.

How do you feel about “classics” being updated like Cracker Jill (also M&M recently announced a redesign of their characters to better fit in a more “progressive” world)?