Hallmark To Debut Romance with Lead Character Who Has Down Syndrome

Lily Moore Never Have I Ever (Photo/YouTube)

Hallmark’s latest movie in the works promises to break hearts, and break down barriers with a wonderful lead actress with Down Syndrome.

“Color My World With Love” is one of the network’s latest projects that will chronicle the romantic story of a woman named Kendall (Lily D. Moore), a skilled painter who has Down syndrome.

“Never Have I Ever” actress Lily D. Moore is set to star in “Color My World With Love” as Kendall, “a talented artist with Down syndrome who creates beautiful paintings in the impressionist style that reflect the reality of her subjects as she sees them.”

Things take a romantic turn when she meets Brad, played by David DeSanctis, in a cooking class.

Hallmark viewers will have more than love to look forward to; there will also be lessons on understanding.

“Everyone has a dream to fall in love and get married one day, even people with disabilities,” Moore said in a statement. “I hope viewers take away that ‘Color My World With Love’ is about painting your own story through your emotions and that we all have endless possibilities.”

“Color My World With Love” is set to air later this year.

Meet Lily.