Backyard Squirrelympics Is Now Squirrel Vs Squirrel

Genius engineer Mark Rober is admitting the squirrels always win

“I gave up on trying to battle my squirrels… but what if they battled each other?”

Two Jimmy’s-Kimmel (Jimmy Kimmel Live) and Donaldson (Mr. Beast) narrate what we are told is the final edition of the backyard summer games.

If you haven’t watched this event previously, it is highly recommended you start with edition one, which will help train your brain to root for the squirrels getting the bird seed you spent so much hard earned money on!

When you have completed versions one AND two, then you may proceed to this incredible production that comes from the guy who showed us all how to glitter bomb porch pirates. Yeah, Mark Rober is amazing!

Susan Saunders 10/24/22 (Phat Gus OG lover)

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