The Simpsons In Anime Form Is Super Weird

“Treehouse of Horror XXXIII” episode airs this Sunday in an anime format

A new episode of The Simpsons is turning Homer and Marge into anime characters.

The latest edition of the “Treehouse of Horror” specials will change the format of the series by parodying Death Note, a Japanese anime show. Korean studio DR Movie animated the segment, which will air as part of the full “Treehouse of Horror XXXIII” episode on Sunday on FOX.

Other segments will honor Jennifer Kent’s horror film The Babadook as well as HBO series Westworld.

The Simpsons is currently on its 33rd season and has also been renewed for a 34th run.

Who freaks you out more– Lisa, Homer, or Marge???

Susan Saunders 10/27/22

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