Goodbye SIERRA MIST, We Won’t Miss You

Pepsi is ditching SIERRA MIST for a new kind of soda to compete with SPRITE

Pepsi is ditching Sierra Mist……….Probably because I can’t remember having one in years!

The company is launching a new lemon-lime soda called STARRY, which will replace the Mist.

Pepsi execs say despite 24 years on the market, Sierra Mist never cut into Sprite’s sales because people saw it as an “imitation of Sprite.” Pepsi says Starry is fruitier and more aromatic that Sierra Mist.
The caffeine-free drink comes in regular and sugar-free versions and will be available this week in grocery and convenience stores.

Greg Lyons, chief marketing officer of PepsiCo Beverages North America, in a press release. “With one product dominating the category, consumers deserve another option….one that hits different. Starry is bright, optimistic, and rooted in culture and fun.”

Susan Saunders 1/12/23