Struggling With Procrastination? Help Has Arrived!

This Expert Technique Can Help You Accomplish More Without Experiencing Burnout

Who of us reading this article hasn’t waited until the night before to start a big paper due for school?

Now as adults without “homework” we still find ways to procrastinate cleaning, exercise, work, and more! Here is a bit a good advice on how to conquer your “not ready yet” mind, and become more productive.

Francesco Cirillo created the “Pomodoro Technique” in the late 1980s while he was still a student.
He became aware that his study sessions weren’t producing enough results, so he came up with a solution:

He grabbed a kitchen timer and set it for 25 minutes.
He focused for the determined time and followed it with a short break.
This helped him to accomplish more.

The break should last between two to five minutes, then repeat by resetting the timer for another 25 minutes and focusing on your next task. These bursts of productivity are called “pomodoros.”

After four work sessions, take a longer 15-30 minute break.
Breaking things into tiny chunks helps you avoid feeling overwhelmed by a major task.

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Susan Saunders 1/19/23

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