Black Eyed Peas Suing Toy Company Over Pooping Unicorn

Did Poopsie Slime Surprise rip off “My Humps” ?????
Looks like it!

The Black Eyed Peas recently filed legal paperwork to sue a US toy company, MGA Entertainment, for $10 million over their new pooping unicorn toy. The Black Eyed Peas claims that the toy company’s product infringes on the copyright of their popular track ‘My Humps.’

First, lets review the classic hit song from BEP that you should know and we assume still love…

The legal docs state, “The Infringing Video was distributed on YouTube and elsewhere. Defendant also incorporated the Infringing Work into its physical Dancing Unicorn Toys. The Dancing Unicorn Toys start to play and dance to a copy of the Infringing Work when a heart-shaped belly button on the front of the toy is pressed.”

And now we should review the evidence before we start pointing slimy fingers at thieves….

The docs continued, “As a key marketing component for its Poopsie Slime Surprise product line, Defendant also placed a sticker on the packaging of the Dancing Unicorn Toy specifically directing consumers to ‘dance to’ the ‘My Poops’ song and Infringing Video on YouTube.”

Yeah, they obviously don’t understand the terms “copyright infringement”….So in my court of public opinion, award goes to the plantiff!

Susan Saunders 1/23/23