AT&T Customers Will Be Reimbursed For Outage

Will a little refund make you feel better after losing cell service?

Last week, AT&T experienced a major network outage that left many customers without service. The outage lasted nearly 12 hours and affected over 70,000 people.

In response to the incident, the company has announced that affected customers will receive a $5 credit on their account within two billing cycles. This amount is “average cost of a full day of service”, according to the carrier as they put into a PR Statement released on Sunday.

“No matter the timing, one thing is clear — we let down many of our customers, including many of you and your families,” the chief executive of AT&T, John T. Stankey. “For that, we apologize.”

It’s worth noting that the $5 credit WILL NOT apply to AT&T Business, prepaid service, or Cricket, its low-cost wireless service. However, prepaid customers who were impacted by the outage will have options available to them, although AT&T has not provided details on what those options may be.

The FCC says it’s investigating the cause of the outage.

AT&T attributed the outage to an error in coding. The company has clarified that the issue was not the result of a cyberattack and has since restored service to those affected.

Susan Saunders 2/26/24