Ryan Reynolds doesn’t want a street named after him

Ryan Reynolds does not want the citizens of Vancouver to be cruising down a street named for him.

The “Deadpool” actor responded to a petition calling for just that in his Canadian hometown.

“Very kind but hard pass,” Reynolds tweeted. “If traffic sucks everyone will say, “Ryan Reynolds is a mess” or “Ryan Reynolds is really backed up.” My brothers would enjoy this too much.”

The Change.org petition was started by “The Kevin and Sonia Show with Tara Jean” on Vancouver’s 104.9 KiSS RADiO and states that the city’s “favourite son, Ryan Reynolds, deserves to have a street named after him (or at least a lane). It’s time.”

“Not only has he captured our hearts on the big screen, his humanitarian efforts have made him a beloved local treasure who encapsulates the best of Vancouverites, and fully deserving of this recognition in his hometown,” the petition reads.

It goes on to list several things Reynolds has done this year alone, including helping a woman find a treasured teddy bear and, along with his wife actress Blake Lively, donating $500,000 to help homeless and at-risk youth.

The petition also notes that the request is a rare one.

“PS: We recognize the City of Vancouver *generally* only names streets after people who have passed, but there have been exceptions PLUS technically Ryan Reynolds is Dead(pool),” it reads. “We think we have a solid case here.”