The most relatable moments of the Emmy Awards

Holding an award show in the middle of a global pandemic is a tall order.

As the nation struggles with being in a constant state of abnormal, the entire concept of celebrating entertainment could strike some as odd — even tone deaf. Still, the show managed to capture a few moments that seemed honest and wholly human.

Everyday heroes as presenters

Doctors, teachers and hosts of real-life heroes were spotlighted on Emmy night, with many acting as presenters. During a year in which so much is being put on their shoulders, their inclusion in the ceremony felt fitting and appropriate.

Kerry and Reese’s 2021 party

So over 2020? You’re not alone.

In one segment, host Jimmy Kimmel beamed into a New Year’s Eve party with Reese Witherspoon, Kerry Washington and more of the team from “Little Fires Everywhere.”

The party, they said, was to ring in the New Year a little early because 2020 has been the pits.

Their celebration included 2021 sunglasses, booze and hats.

Their idea is…not a bad one.

Margo’s wine

In one silly segment, the Emmys took us behind the scenes to see what stars have been up to during the pandemic.

Margo Martindale, who was nominated for best supporting actress in a limited series or movie for her role in “Miss America,” briefly took Emmy viewers into her garden, where she sipped a bottle of what appeared to be Cupcake wine.

If sipping on a CVS-sourced bottle of wine outside is not representative of what we’ve been through in the pandemic, we don’t know what is.

Uzo’s ‘Mom!’

Uzo Aduba, won an award for best supporting actress in a limited series on Sunday night and couldn’t contain her excitement.

At one point, Aduba, who wore a Breonna Taylor t-shirt, yelled, “Mom! I won!”

For those who’ve been away from our families for some time due to the pandemic, the pure joy Aduba showed to be sharing the moment with her family was charming to watch.