Guess Who Is Adding In A Drive Thru?

Chipotle’s CEO Brian Niccol has announced the rollout of ‘Chipotlanes.’. Ha!
These “Chipotlanes” will appear at a few dozen locations across the country.

The drive-thru style lanes will allow you to pick up your food order without getting out of the car. Will that up the number of times you eat there? I say yes, for Chipotle and every other fast casual restaurant. I love a happy drive-thru! Sure, you can currently bypass the line to get your pre-order, but then you have to use physical energy to park, leave the car and go into the restaurant. I live in the land of long winters with lots of rain and mud and want to drive thru! (But honestly not eat their food in the car, too messy, uggh!

Sadly, most of them will only pop up at newly built Chipotle restaurants.

Twitter via @thedailymail

Five Chipotle locations in the US have already added drive-thru windows according to CNBC. They are in Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, and Massachusetts. The difference is that you have to use the app to order in advance and arrive at a specific time.

Are you reading this Moe’s??? You know I love you best, with your awesome chips and better guac than what I make at home, but I’m lazy, and this could work for me.

Susan Saunders 2/8/19

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