SNL Made Me Cry This Week And It Was Lovely

Everybody thinks their generation of Saturday Night Live performers are the GOAT, but there are few  cast members that are truly priceless. Sadly, the majority of them are no longer alive.

Let me start at the beginning.

Shortly after I got into radio full time, I happened to be living in Madison Wisconsin, where a brand new SNL cast member Chris Farley was back visiting his friends and family. We met briefly in a pub packed with UW Badger fans, post home football game, so needless to say, few of the folks there were fully sober. I remember little of that day, other than Mr. Farley was currently a messy mess of a sweaty drunky drunk man, and he was surrounded by people who were overwhelming him with offers of more free drinks. Chris actually got kicked out of the pub for being to rowdy just minutes after we were introduced. My final thoughts of him that day were that he wouldn’t last long on TV, and I wasn’t impressed. Boy was I wrong about his talent. Chris Farley was a physical comedy genius, pure and simple.

Now skip ahead to 2019, where we still mourn the early death of Chris Farley, and his former partner in crime/bestie Adam Sandler has returned to host the show that once fired them both.

Enjoy his opening monologue as Adam Sandler finally gets his due 24 years after his exit.

Funny stuff right?

But near the end of the show, Adam decided to give his long over due on stage tribute to Chris Farley, who died in 1997. It may have seemed out of place so many years later, but this was Adam’s big triumphant return to the stage he loved best. And this song made us all understand how he doesn’t ever perform without Chris Farley in his heart.

It was awesome and sad as hell. Didn’t want you to miss it.


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