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Golden Girls Cruise Coming In 2020 If you’ve ever dreamed about living out your Golden Years with three of your best pals, you’ll soon have the opportunity to meet some like-minded individuals.

Set sail in February of 2020 with Flip Phone Events, who is organizing a five-night Miami to Cozumel Golden Girls-themed cruise. With tickets ranging around $1000, voyagers will be treated to bar crawls, trivia based on the now classic sitcom, bingo, arts and crafts, and even a dress up contest.

Activities Include:

  • Caftan Sail Away Party with Cheesecake
  • The Rusty Anchor Karaoke Party
  • Golden Girls Trivia
  • Shady Pines Craft Corner
  • Key West Golden Girls Bar Crawl
  • Golden Girls Costume Contest and Fancy Dinner
  • One Night in St. Olaf Dance Party (Including a game of Ugel and Flugel)
  • Plus much, much more!
  • Dorothy’s Bingo

And for the hardcore fans, start prepping for the “One Night in St. Olaf” dance party. For more information on booking your Golden Girls Cruise CLICK HERE!