Jason “Samoa” Wants Free Cookies

Outside of his pink tux and matching scrunchie, this is the best Jason Momoa story from this Sunday’s Oscars.

Jason Momoa is hoping that Charlotte Holmberg, the girl scout who used Momoa’s Aquaman shirtless image to sell her Somoa cookies, renaming them “Momoas.” He was asked by ET about the cookies at Sunday’s Oscars,  “I love Girl Scout cookies,” Jason said. “I was, like, waiting to get some free ones. I’d love some.” Momoa’s wife, Lisa Bonet said that he was “waiting for his cut.” Somoas, however, aren’t Jason’s favorite Girl Scout cookie, “I want shortbread,” said Jason “You gotta put those in the freezer. That’s the best way [to eat them].”

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Another 🔥 Girl Scout Cookie @iamcardib MONEY remix!!🎶🎶 Wait for the beat to drop… Shout out to Cookie CEO, 10-year-old Brooklyn, a Junior from @girlscoutsla Troop 1476 who is flexing her creativity for good. 🙌🙌🏾🙌🏿 “I’m learning to work with my Troop to solve problems. My Troop comes from many backgrounds. I believe that everyone should be treated equally & never left out. My goal for this year’s cookie sale is to help my community. Our troop is like our business. We purchase our own uniforms, outings, badges, needed supplies, etc., with the proceeds we earn. Every year, we use 10% of our proceeds to help @baby2baby, Burbank Temporary Aid Center & other groups. This year, we voted between helping Animals & helping other Children. I’d like to give back to the Girl Scout Girl Fund. My plan is to share the Girl Scout experience with other girls that do not have the opportunities I do. I made my music video remix with my dad. We love music and making & editing videos. We worked together on an idea & wrote lyrics. My favorite is “Got ‪Savannah Smiles‬, make your Grandma smile”. 🤗 Girl Scouts has taught me how to work hard to achieve my goals.” 💚 You’ve got serious swag, Brooklyn! Thanks @derek_shields, for producing this video and sharing Brooklyn’s story! 🙌 🍪 #ThinkOutsideTheCookieBox

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