That’s as heavy as what?!…

Hey Game of Thrones fans, “The Mountain” isn’t just a pretty face. He’s the reigning World’s Strongest Man  and that’s a pretty big deal.

On top of that, he’s setting world records. This weekend during the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio, he broke his own dead lifting record. One thousand and forty six pounds. 1046lbs!!! Check out the record setting video below.

Now let’s take some things into consideration, 1046 lbs isn’t easy work. I then wondered what else weighs around a 1000 pounds.

A Polar Bear

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Typically an adult Polar Bear weighs near 1,100lbs. So a hungry Polar Bear?

A Grand Piano

Dog Play GIF by Cheezburger - Find & Share on GIPHY

Hopefully these guys come in the package deal

2/3rds of a cow.

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A full grown cow typically weighs around 1,500 pounds.

Two cubic meters of snow

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The next time you have to shovel the driveway know that a cubic meter of weighs on average of 500 pounds. You’re strong. We see you.

One BIG Horse

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On average a full grown horse weighs about 900 pounds.

So, when the new season of Game of Thrones debuts this April, know that The Mountain is totally deserving of his name.