NIKE Needed Tiger To Win The Masters So They Could Air This Commercial [VIDEO]


Tiger Woods, age 43, won his fifth Masters yesterday, nearly 11 years after his last major victory in one of the greatest comebacks in the sport’s history.

Business Insider claims a gambler made an $85,000 bet that Tiger would win The Masters. The gambler won the bet and will receive $1.19 million.  His odds to win The Masters were 14 to 1. Tiger won $2.07 million, has now won 15 majors.

USA Today claims the green jacket that Tiger wore after winning the Masters yesterday is the same one he wore after winning the tournament when he was 21. Augusta National rules say players can take the jacket home for a year, but then must only wear it on the grounds of the golf club.

After Tiger won the Masters, Golf Town’s retail website almost crashed because people were buying the red Nike mock turtleneck that Tiger wore yesterday. The $100 short sleeve shirts sold out within minutes.

But NIKE wins the day with their preparation of Tiger winning with this commercial that was ready to go if he came out on top. He did, so this is the spot they saluted their favorite golfer with. WARNING, tears are possible when you watch this advertisement.

It was truly, and ridiculously amazing comeback story.

Susan Saunders 4/15/19


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