Sam Hunt Teases New Single “Kinfolks”

Sam Hunt in lyric video for "Downtown's Dead"
(Photo credit: YouTube)

FINALLY! The wait is finally over. Sam Hunt teases new single “Kinfolks” and as expected, I LOVE IT!

“Body Like A Back Road” exploded in February of 2017, and in 2018 he released the short-lived “Downtown’s Dead”…other than that, we haven’t had a new Sam Hunt album since 2016, so fans have been wondering what he’s been up to!

Well, he’s been trying to slow things down, and enjoy his new marriage. In a recent interview, he said things were going so fast he wasn’t able to ‘stop and smell the roses’, and since he wants this music thing to be long term, he decided to take some time off to learn how to deal with fame and what that will look like for he and his new wife.

Will fans welcome him back? (I know I will!)

Sam wiped his instagram clean last week, which in celebrity terms is a clue that something is coming soon, and that day has finally come. The wait is over. Sam just teased the new single “Kinfolks” on his instagram page, with the full release coming sometime tomorrow.

What do you think?