7 Most Dangerous Spots to Catch Coronavirus

Despite stay-at-home orders being lifted, states are still seeing the number of coronavirus cases rising and even if you practice social distancing and sanitize correctly there’s still a high chance you could catch coronavirus.

That being said there are still some places where contracting coronavirus is high.

Some of the most dangerous spots in no particular order are

  • Inside an elevator
  • The grocery store checkout counter
  • Airplanes
  • Public transit like subways and buses
  • Hospitals
  • Public restrooms,
  •  Staying too close to someone in your family that has contracted coronavirus.

Opening doors and pressing numbers on keypads at check out and the bank have made me curious about getting a Clean Key. Have you seen this? Canadian Ziad Salah and two friends designed, the CleanKey, which is a key-shaped pocket tool with a hook on the end that can open doors of up to 70 pounds without the user’s hands ever touching the door handle. It can also be used to press elevator buttons, keypads or touch screens.

As you begin to try and get your life back in order please be mindful of these places and continue to practice safety guidelines

Susan Saunders 5/19/20

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