Non-Americans Are Revealing Things They Like About America

A new social media thread is going viral that asks non-Americans what they like about America and the answers were pretty cool.

Most non-Americans like how nice Americans are and how talkative we tend to be. Our entertainment is another thing foreigners enjoy, from amusement parks for the disabled to the wide variety of entertainment most non-Americans are amazed at the many things we do for enjoyment.

Big houses that are affordable are also a big draw with most foreigners saying they have to live in a space less than 1,000 square feet and have to pay more than we do for a three-bedroom home in most places.

Other things like turning right on red, our wide variety of food choices, and innovation have non-Americans in awe of us. The best thing about being American to most non-Americans is our right to criticize our government and president, something many other countries forbid.