Coca-Cola With Coffee Just Launched With Five Flavors

“Sips like a Coke and finishes like a coffee”

The hybrid of coffee and coke has just been launched nationwide.

Coca-Cola with Coffee is available in a few varieties including Vanilla, Dark Blend, Caramel, and Zero Sugar versions are available in Vanilla and Dark Blend only.

The drinks are all made with Brazilian coffee and include 69 milligrams of caffeine per 12 ounce can.

The US is actually slow to get this roll out, as we are the 50th market for this product introduction. Started in 2018 in Japan, the reaction has been far more positive than  “Pepsi KONA” which bombed in 1996. Some thought it was ahead of it’s time. Now Pepsi has flirted with “Pepsi Cafe”, but after a limited run, it may not be back.


Still, if you find the idea of another cola and coffee combo a bit tired, Coca-Cola is sprucing up the concept with a very modern promo: drone deliveries. As a part of the product release, Coke is teaming up with Walmart and drone company DroneUp to bring select customers in Coffee County, Georgia, Coca-Cola with Coffee by drone.
Or here’s a different bit of tech that the vast majority of Americans will find more applicable: Coca-Cola also says you can receive a free can of Coca-Cola with Coffee using the Ibotta app at Walmart stores nationwide.

Susan Saunders 1/26/21

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