Never Eat A Messy Burrito Again Thanks to Tastee Tape

Tastee Tape Photo/YouTube

If a messy burrito is keeping you from eating them, have no fear, “Tastee Tape” is here!

A team of young ladies at John Hopkins University have come up with the ultimate tool to keep your burritos and tacos intact, and the contents of your burritos off your pants.

Food lovers, meet Tastee Tape.

The university said that chemical and biomolecular engineering seniors Tyler Guarino, Marie Eric, Rachel Nie, and Erin Walsh teamed up to create the end-of-year project and presented it during Engineering Design Day earlier this month.

Basically, they created an edible tape that keeps all the fixings in a burrito, taco, gyro or wrap. It was inspired because they were tired of messy lunches, something we can ALL relate to.

The women were instructed to come up with an invention that would be useful in everyday life, and they came up with edible tape that will prevent your burrito from falling apart. 

How cool is that?! Now, the ladies are waiting to see if the patent for Tastee Tape will be secured. 

Would you use Tastee Tape on your burrito? What do you think of the invention?